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This book would not have been possible without the Lift Developers and especially David Pollak: without him, we wouldn’t have this opportunity.
We would also like to thank the Lift community, as well as the following individuals, for valuable feedback on the content of this book: Adam Cimarosti, Malcolm Gorman, Doug Holton, Hunter Kelly, James Matlik, Larry Morroni, Jorge Ortiz, Tim Perrett, Tim Pigden, Dennis Przytarski, Thomas Sant Ana, Heiko Seeberger, and Eric Willigers.
A huge thanks to Charles Munat for editing this work, and to Tim Perrett for helping with the REST API in Chapter 13.
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(C) 2012 Lift 2.0 EditionWritten by Derek Chen-Becker, Marius Danciu and Tyler Weir